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Roman Sierra

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Roman Sierra


June 14, 2012, by Roman Sierra, category Media

Photo Credit: ConvergTV

I got this from NATPE and thought it would be good to share it:
We Want Your Content!

CONVERGTV “The Converging Dynamics of Video Entertainment Origination, Distribution and Consumption”.
ConvergTV, Inc. is searching for high value content from producers and distributors who are searching for a better way to get their shows seen, monetized and get the support they need to do what they love.

Shows must be formatted in 30, 60, 90 minutes. All languages accepted, English or English subtitles preferred.

Non-Disclosure Agreement required.

We are looking for and acquiring the following genres-

*Travel and Adventure

*Music, International/World Music



*Extreme Sports

*Arts, Entertainment and Luxury


Contact: (distributors, channels, and partner requests) (travel and extreme sports) (travel, music and cooking) (Arts, Entertainment, Luxury and Children’s)

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