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Abril 21, 2015, por Roman Sierra, category Blog, Redes sociales

Technology(Published in The College of Westchester’s News Letter, October 2013)

There is one question people ask me all the time: What do you think will happen to Social Media in the future. My answer is very simple and honest: I don’t know. What I do know is that it will keep growing, expanding and evolving.

Many things have changed since the old days of Friendster, MySpace and Hi5. Nowadays press releases are distributed first on Twitter and later posted on the company website. Music videos now live on YouTube, Vimeo or Vine, polls are now conducted on Facebook and resumes are now reviewed along with LinkedIn profiles. Is Higher Education the exception? Not at all.

Do you remember Cliff’s Notes? Some students may not even know what that is, however, they do check YouTube videos when they don’t understand something discussed in class. As you all know, generation Y or the so-called “millennials” are the great majority of students currently attending college and grad schools; they are our target audience and they are extremely tech savvy.

Social media use and consumption accounts for a much larger part of college students’ time than most other age groups. Therefore, it’s no surprise that social media continues to play a significant role in students’ lives throughout their college career.

This is the first of many posts about social media in higher education and I hope I can get ideas, questions and suggestions from you. In future opportunities I will cover different topics concerning social media platforms and currently taking center stage in Higher Education.

So, what do you think ?