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Román Sierra

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Roman Sierra


Marzo 18, 2012, por Roman Sierra, category Redes sociales

1. Get Out There—You must be seen and heard. Pasa tiempo visitando otros blogs, dejar comentarios en los mensajes que te gustan y que la gente sepa quién eres.

2. Take Risks—You must be willing to take the risk that some people might not like your blog, Facebook, y feeds de Twitter.

3. Don’t be Undercover—You can’t be private and build relationships with Social Media.

4. Find Your Niche—You already know it!

5. Become the Expert—The best way to build your brand is to be featured on other sites and blogs as an industry expert.

6. Remember Content is King—Of all the things you do to get people to read your blog, creating great, original content is the most important.

7. Style and Substance Cannot Be Separate—Your Social Media Platforms can no longer be just style without great content.

8. Consistency Is Key—You can have the world’s greatest content, but if you only write on occasion, your readers will leave you for someone who gives them a daily dose of what they are looking for.

9. Toot Your Own Horn—Don’t be afraid to tell your readers about the great things you do. But do it in an interesting way that gives them value. Don’t be too “sales-y”.

10. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words— Gorgeous, inspirational photos are the bread and butter of what inspires design lovers.

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