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Roman Sierra


March 15, 2012, by Roman Sierra, category Social Media

Facebook was originally conceived as a place to share comments, pictures and videos with our friends and relatives. However, many of us use Facebook as a tool to find gigs and network with other professionals in the industry. Now, what do you do with those crazy pictures at the beach with your friends? How do you hide them from certain people on your list?

The easiest way is to “edit” your friends. Step One: Once you are signed in to your Facebook account, go to the upper-right corner and click on “account”. Then click on “Edit Friends”. Create a new list and name it something that you will remember that this is the list of people who will NOT see certain content.

Step two: For example if you have certain photo albums you want to hide from this new list, just go to that album and click on “Edit Album”, under “Privacy” click on “Custom”. You may leave this visible to “Friends Only”, but you will definitely want to “Hide This From” and here you will enter the name of your list. Once you “Save Settings” these people will no longer be able to see that album and future ones you create. And don’t worry, is not that they will see the album but cannot have access to it, the album will not exist for them.

So, what do you think ?